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GREAT Women Project

The Department through the National Gender and Development Focal Point System will be implementing three (3) Projects under the auspices of Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)-National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW)- GREAT Women Project (Gender Responsive Economic Actions for the Transformation of Women Project) in CY 2008-2010, as follows:

a. Capability Building on Environmental Management and Pollution Prevention

The activity is intended to provide GREAT Women Project areas’ local government units, non-government organizations and women’s groups with an overview on environmental laws and permitting systems as well as concepts of environmental management system, and pollution prevention which would enable them to assist and guide micro, small and medium-scale entrepreneurs (MSMEs) in complying with environmental laws and at the same time ensuring productivity and profits. 

b. Support to Micro and Small Enterprises on Natural Resources: Community Livelihood Assistance Programs

Through this project, it is hope that environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and gender responsive micro enterprises on natural resources will be promoted and eventually established by women’s organizations, local communities, and other interested individuals. This project will likewise serve as catalyst to generate support from LGUs, government agencies, POs, and other organizations in the establishment of gender responsive and sustainable livelihood options on GREAT Women areas.

c. Documentation and Replication of Successful Ecotourism Project Highlighting the Role of Men and Women

The project specifically aims to disseminate the success stories in ecotourism development. This will be done by developing an Audio-Visual Production documentary film of a successful ecotourism project and the development of a gender responsive toolkit on ecotourism and enterprise development. There will also be an area development to possibly replicate the model. 

Generally, said projects aim to: a). develop and enhance the capabilities of NCRFW and its partners, including women entrepreneurs, 2). advance women’s economic empowerment and economic governance; 3). ensure economic laws and policies at the national and local levels are gender-responsive; and 4). facilitate access to and provide projects and services to women micro-entrepreneurs by concerned development partners.

The projects, therefore, will advocate for job creation through entrepreneurial ventures especially among the poor and will facilitate the creation and growth of micro, small and medium enterprises, particularly in the rural areas most affected by poverty.

Beneficiaries of the projects are the LGUs, women micro-entrepreneurs in micro, small and medium enterprises in the areas of Metro Naga, PALMA Alliance, Ifugao, Quezon, Ilo-ilo, Bohol, Leyte and Davao Sur.