gad checklist for enr

Natural resource management projects include social forestry, community-based, and coastal resource management projects. The project proposal for such projects should have also identified the gender issues that relate to the project and the interventions (strategies and activities) to address these issues.


Gender issues in the natural resource management sector are related to inequalities in the status and condition of women and men in different resource areas. These gender gaps or inequalities are manifested in the following:

  • Norms, attitudes, and institutions that limit women’s and men’s life options
  • Women’s limited access to land and natural resources
  • Low participation of women in governance or decision-making processes and in project activities
  • Gender-role stereotyping and women’s multiple burdens and various forms of violence against women and girls
  • Unequal access to resources and services to improve their productive and reproductive work
  • Limited access to education and health services

Natural resource management projects may be designed to contribute to the achievement of gender equality results, such as:

  • greater women’s access to and control over agroforestry and coastal management technologies, training, credit, markets, and information;
  • increased proportion of woman recipients of stewardship contracts;
  • increased number of women adopting new technologies or activities that do not deplete the natural resources;
  • increased leadership capacity of women involved in farmers’ or fishers’ associations organized by the project;
  • increased capacity of woman and man upland dwellers or coastal fishers to improve their production;
  • greater economic options for woman farmers; and
  • improved capacity of relevant development agencies to plan, design, implement, and monitor programs and projects that address gender issues and the concerns of woman farmers or fishers.

You may download the complete copy of the HGDG for ENR Sector here and watch the webinar provided by the PCW on the Use of the HGDG to mainstream GAD elements int he Project Development Cycle