Video Entries of 2021 Mga Kwentong KLIMA-likasan Tungo sa Katatagan

Despite and in spite of the pandemic, the Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O) of Salvacion National High School continues to promote its advocacy in preserving, conserving, protecting and securing the environment. YES-O Salvacion is proud of its flagship project known as the Go G.R.E.E.N. Salvacion or Greeneration, Rehabilitation, and Education towards an Eco-friendly Nation. Through the initiative of the organization’s coordinator coupled with the support of the entire school and other stakeholders, the organization successfully initiated and implemented the program since School Year 2018-2019.
The Go G.R.E.E.N. Salvacion aims to revive the collaborative spirit among students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders by increasing everyone’s awareness about the importance of preserving and conserving the environment through the conduct of various school-initiated environmental activities. Despite the crisis, the organization still initiated and organized various programs such as tree planting activities, seed bank and nursery rehabilitation, clean up drives, trainings and symposia, water and energy conservation, MRF rehabilitation, entrepreneurial training, and other eco-related activities.
As pandemic continues, the school, through the Project Go G.R.E.E.N., continues to strengthen its partnership with the local, provincial and private communities, initiating programs to instill positive attitude and self-discipline that manifest perseverance with action, thoughts and behavior.


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Joel Abrico is a 64 year-old registered farmer and livestock raiser. His farm served as a model of naturally grown vegetables and odorless pig farming as part of the climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives in Kalayaan, Laguna.
For Waste Management, Joel is setting a good example by practicing waste segregation and composting. Leaves, rotten vegetables, over-ripe fruits and other kitchen wastes were made into compost and used as fertilizer in growing their vegetable crops. He and his wife also make use of recyclable containers in their backyard for their container garden.
Joel also participates regularly in other environmental such as tree planting activities of their local government. They planted fruit trees such as rambutan, lanzones, cacao and other indigenous plants in the upland barangays.


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The journey of James, Rhazzel, Ron, and Vanessa on environmental conservation advocacy started when they were at their first year in the University. Their advocacy started from campaigning the use of paper bags and the removal of single plastics in their university canteen to implementing various environmental projects in different communities. Some of these projects are Environmental Symposiums, utilizing their University Newspaper to further expand their campaigns, “ULNOS”, bamboo straws, BIN YOUR BUTT, among others. Their programs in the North remains active and are being implemented up to this day.
On April 22, 2021, they also conducted a project, entitled, “A JOYOUS PROJECT” which aims to reduce the volume of plastic bottles in their Barangay in Mangaldan, Pangasinan. Three (3) kilos of rice will be provided for every kilo of plastic bottles turned over to them. This is their biggest program up to date with over 350 kilograms of plastic bottles collected with over 70 families provided with rice. Even with all their programs, the group still pledges to continue helping and nurturing a better tomorrow for a greener Philippines.


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Being largely surrounded by mountains, traversed by the Panal River, and sits in the lower portion in the City of Legazpi, Barangay Maoyod is susceptible to annual flooding. The residents are used to the said natural calamities, however, as time passes it becomes more difficult to adapt due to the changing climate.
To address such perennial problems, the Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (BDRRMC) – Maoyod conducted trainings, seminars, and drills to its constituents particularly to children, women, elderly and persons with disabilities to prepare for disasters and natural calamities. Information dissemination on climate change, in partnership with different local schools, youth organizations, and NGOs, was also part of their program to raise awareness.
Maoyod’s Local Government and its people continue to adapt different strategies to be a resilient community and ready to face the challenges brought by climate change.


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The Local Youth Development Council (LYDC) is an organization composing of the different youth leaders in Kibungan, Benguet. They employ a variety of creative strategies in support to their environmental advocacies - from tree planting to environmental beautification; from face to face to online platforms; and, from photography arts to fashion.
The annual celebration of Linggo ng Kabataan, Youth Day, Environmental Day, Arbor Day and other various programs on environmental preservation are utlilized to strengthen the fight against environmental destruction.
The young leaders will not stop protecting Mother Earth because they believe that the earth is what we all have in common. Thus, we should work hand in hand for its conservation, for today and for the future. Together with Mother Earth, we can heal as one.


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