Video Entries of 2021 Mga Kwentong KLIMA-likasan Tungo sa Katatagan

Among the popular tree species, who would have thought of the Balete Tree as an ingenious choice in a Tree Planting Project? ‘Would anyone dare touch, much less cut the dreaded Balete Tree?’ This was the clever idea of Punong Barangay Rose Niña S. Juan of Brgy. Carpenito, Municipality of Tagbina, Province of Surigao del Sur in 2010 when the tree planting project was introduced by KASILAK Foundation, a non-government organization whose advocacy was on climate adaptation and disaster resiliency of the community.
With this initiative, river degradation, flooding, and soil erosion, as well as flashfloods, will be reduced as these trees are planted along the riverside. Flashfloods and flooding will be mitigated as these trees have the ability to hold rainwater. This initiative also helps in the reduction of greenhouse gas emission in our environment as they absorb carbon and other harmful gases.
Barangay Carpenito’s efforts on environment protection and preservation may only be a speck in the wide array of solutions to the vast environmental issues that the planet is currently battling, but one barangay’s unshakeable commitment towards environmental contribution may spark courage and inspiration for other communities to replicate. If other communities and organized groups would religiously endeavor to plant more trees, the Earth will surely heal.


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Gregorio Oquendo Elementary School is nestled in Barangay Milagrosa at the center of Puerto Princesa City. Its Principal and teachers always make sure that “Gulayan sa Paaralan Program” of the Department of Education will be properly implemented despite the limited space in their school grounds. They maximize the use of their small area by practicing container gardening. The school aims to provide proper nutrition to their pupils through sustainable vegetable gardening.
In their container garden, varieties of vegetables in the recycled containers are planted like Bell pepper, Celery, Cauliflower, talinum, papaya, alugbati, Ginger, Sweet basil, Malaysian ampalaya, Spinach, Cassava, and Pandan tsina among others. The garden also has an established waterline connection from the Water District, water pump, and rain catcher. They also observe vermiculture and organic planting techniques.
Due to the active support and collaboration of teachers, pupils, and stakeholders, the school was able to win division and regional level contests in their province. They also secured funding from DENR EMB MIMAROPA from their National Ecosavers Program. To ensure that all teachers are fully-equipped in container gardening, continuous Learning and Coaching Sessions are held in partnership with various resource speakers.
This is how their simple Gulayan sa Paaralan touches the lives of our parents, pupils and the community. The love and concern for our environment that they were able to develop with their pupils is similar to the vegetable seedlings - small and fragile yet are full of hope for a greener and healthier tomorrow.


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Hon. Altoveros is an elected Barangay Kagawad at Mambugan, Antipolo City and an active member of Senior Citizens Affairs. He is also the Committee Chairman of the environment.
As a Barangay Kagawad, he authored numerous ordinances and resolutions. He authored the Ordinance No. 003 series of 2008 entitled “MAMBANTAY KA” or "Mamamayan ng Mambugan Bantay Kalikasan" which was approved by the City Council of Antipolo on June 4, 2018. He also passed several resolutions before the Barangcay Council concerning waste reduction and rehabilitation of water ways among others.
In his hope to reach and influence more people, he uses several social media platforms to encourage more people to participate in environment, disaster risk reduction, and climate change campaigns.


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TAU GAMMA PHI Linamon Chapter’s main objective is to serve the community. Volunteerism enables them to acquire life skill and knowledge, as well as provide and serve those who need it most.
They want to show that their “brotherhood” is willing to serve the community by valuing biodiversity. In this way, they can help restore the environment to its healthy state and be able to mitigate climate change before it is too late.


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Federation of Responsive Association for Magat Ecology, Incorporated (FRAME, Inc.) is one of the partner people’s organizations engaged with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in the implementation of the projects under the Forestry Sector Project (FSP) funded by Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) from 1997 to 2003.
When the project concluded, livelihood activities such as seedling production, vermicast organic fertilizer production through vermicomposting, and money leading were then pursued through the National Greening Program (NGP) and the Forestland Management Program of the DENR and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
With the guidance of their objectives in watershed rehabilitation, FRAME, Inc. reforested a total of 2,136.71 hectares of degraded areas, 103.18 hectares for rattan on secondary forest, and 100 hectares of bamboo were used to stabilize and improve the soil condition on riparian zones of rivers/creeks that are determined as erodible land in Lamut, Ifugao.
The organization also produces seedlings for interested private individuals and to support the reforestation projects of DENR. Forest trees, fruit-bearing trees, palms, and bamboos are sold at lower prices in their production facilities. The FRAME, Inc. extends its support to federated eight ( People’s Organizations by conducting proper trainings and IECs.
Through their programs and various engagements with the Government and Non-Government Sector, the Organization plans to continue the rehabilitation of denuded areas, improvement of buffer zones along rivers, enhancement of biodiversity, reduction of poverty, and improvement in the capacity and skills of PO members for better planning and implementation for the forests of Lamut, Ifugao.


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