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Graymont has won as Champion from 2018-2020 for being the Safest Mineral Processing Plant in the Calcining Plant Category in the Annual National Mine Safety and Environment Conference held by the Philippine Mine Safety and Environmental Association. The Company is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the environment it is working along. The Company is working together with the Local Government Units to implement appropriate community planning, provide livelihood, ensure and monitor projects, and other activities that contribute to the improvement of the community. Graymont is guided by their three (3) major programs: 1) Social Development and Management Programs, 2) Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program and 3) Safety and Health Program.
A Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) is a comprehensive plan required by RA 7942 for mineral-based companies in the Philippines to uplift the skills and living conditions of stakeholders resulting to stability and economic benefits. The SDMP describes the programs, projects and activities that would be undertaken by the company to promote the general welfare of the inhabitants of the barangays where the project area is located as well as the neighboring barangays. The SDMP includes the assistance and complementation to the barangays projects and programs, Scholarship for out-of-school youths (Highschool and College), renovation of school classrooms as well as funding for teacher’s training and seminars, various projects in the area also served as alternate livelihood for the community.
Through its Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program, the objectives of the company are to improve the environment and to determine the efficiency of the pollution control systems in compliance with government rules and regulations. The Company specializes in innovative recycling ideas with water, screen materials for canal cover, closed-loop drainage system and used pipes.
Graymont, in support to the Government’s National Greening Program, established a partnership with Rio Tuba Mangrove Ecosystem Developers, Inc., a non-governmental organization, and the local environmental body to adopt and rehabilitate a 30-hectare denuded mangrove area. This partnership has led to the planting of approximately 79,500 seedlings in the area and the protection of flying foxes sanctuary. The effort has provided livelihood for the locals. This year, the company is committed to plant bamboo trees in a 20-hectare land in Bataraza, Palawan.
Lastly, its Safety and Health Program ensures the continuous promotion of safety and health for its employees and contractors. Its effective enforcement of safety and health measures and efficient and proactive monitoring systems, inspections, and investigations help in improving the health and safety of all interested parties.
These three (3) major programs are Graymont’s keys in producing quality hydrated lime, putting the premium on occupational safety and health, and doing its part in the protection and enhancement of the environment in its fight with climate change.


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Napakagandang pagmasdan ang kapaligiran kung magkakaroon lamang ng pagnanais ang mga tao na magkaroon ng malasakit, sipag, at pagtutulungan upang mapanatili ang maayos at magandang kalikasan. Kahit na nasa laylayan ng lipunan ay kayang maging daan sa pagbabago na makakatulong sa pag-unlad ng bayan. Ang mga kaisipan at personalidad na siya nating iiwan sa susunod na henerasyon ng ating lahi.
Ang pagbabago ang siyang daan tungo sa pag-unlad ng ating Gobyerno. Ikaw, ako, tayo ang may kakayahan at may malaking parte sa pag-unlad na ninanais nating mga Pilipino. Maging responsable sa bawat basurang itatapon mo sapagkat baka ang, “Basurang akala mo’y patapon, napakinabangan na, napaganda pa. Tunay na kagandahan ay mula sa kalikasan at malinis na kapaligiran tungo sa magandang kinabukasan”.


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 Agata Mining Ventures Inc. knows that water is critical to mining operations and it cannot be taken for granted. The company strongly believes in corporate accountability – committing itself to protect and preserve its water resources through the creation of projects aligned with its Ridge-to-Reef approach.
Several measures have already been established by the company to mitigate the effects of mining and port operations to the water resources within its Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) area. These control measures include the construction of collector sumps along drainages systems to control run-offs, and sediment ponds as final catchment of run-offs overflowing from collector sumps.
Aside from maintaining clean and clear waters, Agata ensures the protection of its nearby marine sanctuaries by implementing its Coastal Resource Management Program (CRMP), which monitors the coral relocation site near its private port in Payong-payong, El Nido. The program was established to assess the condition of the corals, including reef fish and macrobenthic invertebrates, within the area.
Agata’s core philosophy of “Starting it right, keeping the end in mind” is highlighted by the company’s positive impact on water resource management and its overall conservation of the natural environment. It likewise strengthens its surrounding communities through providing employment and livelihood for their overall sustainability beyond the life of the mine.


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 Since the establishment of Agata’s Social Development Management Program (SDMP) in 2015, it has been supporting the women’s associations in eight host barangays and underscoring each organization’s initiatives during the yearly celebration of women’s month.
"Mabakas” is a Mamanwa word that stands for “hardworking”. The farm school is a one-hectare facility funded by Agata’s SDMP. The core objective of the Mabakas Farm School is to enhance the Mamanwas’ traditional farming methods and preserve their agricultural heritage while ensuring fruitful harvests. Teacher trainings were conducted by the Department of Agriculture among assigned Agata staff and selected Agro-technicians from the community. Presently, the school accommodates students from all over CARAGA from all different tribes, providing them with skills and knowledge.
The Beautiful Locals of Agata are becoming leaders in their own households and communities. They have replicated organic backyard gardening and raising organic poultry in their very own houses. Some have even started their own business related to farming and poultry, while others are sharing their knowledge to their neighbors by showing them how to start their own home garden. Contributing to achieving better lives, these home projects have become sources of income and food for their own tables.


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Agata, a mining firm located in Barangay Pangabugan, Butuan City, is known for their novel approach in solid waste management system. The Company, through its Environmental Department, ensures zero waster production in the mine site. At-source waste segregation is practiced site-wide. Collected and segregated wastes are recycled and/or upcycled to promote zero waste production adopting the ‘Cradle-to-cradle’ principle and espousing sustainability practices. The Environment Department also promotes its solid waste management program by encouraging every barangay to recycle waste materials, observe segregation and install compost pits and communal gardens in their vicinity.
Since the commencement of its operations in 2014, Agata Mining Ventures Inc. had been commended by both stakeholders and government regulatory agencies for maintaining its clear waters in and around the mining area, sustaining a healthy marine biodiversity environment, creating aesthetic thematic landscaping, and maintaining luscious, rehabilitated sites. Other mining companies in the area saw the importance of AMVI’s projects for environment sustainability and had since then replicated these initiatives within their own mining areas. These practices and environmental systems being implemented in the site ensure the continuation of Agata’s culture in doing its part in protecting our Environment.