Video Entries of 2021 Mga Kwentong KLIMA-likasan Tungo sa Katatagan

In the serene mountains of Barangay Kayan West in Tadian, Mountain Province, you will find Layog Country Farm (LCF) for Sustainable Futures, an ecofriendly ancestral farm owned by the Layogs. The owner of the farm, Flordelina “Lina” Layog, actively participated in running the farm that she inherited in 2008.
Driven by its mission to empower the youth and local communities to be responsible, active and creative stewards of the Earth, LCF’s goals are: 1) to promote sustainable agriculture; 2) achieve food security and improved heath; 3) ensure healthy lifestyles; 4) promote environmental justice; and, 5) promote a gender-responsive and gender-transformative program in the context of sustainable futures
With Lina at the helm of empowering the women and men staff, the Layog Country Farm, through its programs and projects, will continue to help keep the wisdom and core values alive.


In this time of pandemic, transportation became one of the problems faced by a lot of people. It became limited, expensive, and it also poses a risk of COVID-19 infection. The transportation sector is also one of the major contributor to climate change.
Warren, a 19 year old bike enthusiast and a climate change advocate, believes that we can change the lives of future generations by using simple yet effective method form of transportation -- biking.
Biking will benefit the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution. It is also beneficial to ones health and a cheaper transportation alternative. According to Warren, such behavioural solution can help and save our Planet from one of the most pressing issues — climate change!

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When Edmond first came in Pastolan Ayta Village in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, he fell in love with the place and the kindness of the people. The passion of teaching the Aytas about environmental protection and conservation bloomed in him. He organized the Pastolan Forest Conservation Group (PFCG) which adopts the Ayta culture in planting native and fruit trees.
He started to conduct training on tree planting, fire prevention, and forest rehabilitation by consulting experts in the respective fields. He also invited schools to conduct lectures on behavioral change and conduct a theatrical play at the center of their reforestation project in relation to environmental protection and conservation. Visitors came and started to help through their adopt a forest project. Other institutions and business locators started to join the reforestation program.
The SBMA reforestation is a legacy of the PFCG and the Aytas of Pastolan. With their accomplished targets of twenty thousand (20,000) per year, their reforestation efforts towards climate change truly speaks for itself.


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Abra Youth Organizations Society, also known as “AYOS”, is a seven-year old Organization composed of youth leaders and youth organizations with different advocacies. The Organization believes that instilling environmental awareness to young generations is a very effective method to prevent the environmental problems in the future.
Some of the programs and activities conducted by the organization are Tree Planting Activities, Young Learning Leader’s Forum, Clean-Up Drives, Leadership Training, and Environmental Contests on gardening, solid waste, among others.
AYOS is determined to continue to mold the youth of Abra to become environmental warriors that will soon be the leaders of their communities. Handing down the values of being “makakalikasan” to the Youth through their programs and activities, the Organization hopes that they will also pass it to the next generation of Environmental Warriors.


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The twin Great and Little Sta. Cruz Islands in Zamboanga City is a declared protected area pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 271 under the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) with “protected landscape and seascape” as its category.
The empowered community, through its organized People’s Organization (PO) of Sta. Cruz Islands, shared the responsibilities of local governance with knowledge gained in protecting the PAs’ delineated boundaries and management zones. In order to improve the climate and disasters risk adaptation and resilience of the environmentally critical protected area, the village community had participated in the development of the contingency and action plan for this purpose facilitated by the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (ZCCDRRMO). Whereas, the Office of the City Environment and Natural Resources (OCENR) provided orientation on proper waste management – reduce, reuse and recycle with priority of waste minimization and establishment of color-coded waste segregation bins.
In addition, the program ensures the mainstreaming of gender equity and social safeguards in all livelihood, conservation, preservation and protection activities which have gender dimension. This is to strengthen and enhance the management and governance for improving success of biodiversity and nature conservation as well as community well-being.


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