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DOWNLOAD Mainstreaming Gender Concerns in the DENR Priority Programs

Role of ERDB in Baseline Data Gathering

ERDB shall undertake the baseline data gathering in partnership with the concerned Bureaus and NWRB. Specific areas shall be identified by ERDB with the Bureaus and NWRB to pilot test the data gathering. Regional Offices of DENR, EMB, and MGB shall include in their programming and planning applicable baseline data gathering in their respective areas.

DOWNLOAD Commission on Audit Circular No. 2021-008 

Assignment of Responsibility Center for the Gender and Development (GAD) Focal Point System to Account, Monitor and Report GAD Expenses and Other GAD-Related Financial Transactions

  • Outline of the Presentation
  • Rationale
  • Coverage
  • Guidelines and Procedures
  • Sample Coding Structure of RC Code for GAD-related Expenses